New ‘Bioshock Infinite’ Trailer Teases More Of The Mysterious Elizabeth

02.19.13 5 years ago 7 Comments

Following right after the Bioshock Infinite “Alternate History” faux documentary reels Nathan just introduced us to, Irrational Games released a new trailer. Such rapturous bounty. The newest trailer among many, titled “Lamb Of Columbia”, focuses on Elizabeth, the super-powered woman Booker is sent to find in order to wipe out his debts.

While some of the previous Bioshock Infinite trailers tried to play up the fragile, damsel-in-distress angle of Elizabeth, this one points out the obvious fact that a woman with the ability to bend time might just be more badass than the game’s male protagonist. And the whole thing is set to the grinding guitar of “Save My Soul” by Blues Saraceno.

Despite the game’s release being delayed to March 28th, I’m with Dan in being optimistic about it. How many games reference American exceptionalism, objectivist dystopias, and the racism of 1912 America? I mean, besides Q*bert.

[Video via PC Gamer. Banner picture via Ormeli.]

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