Bruce Campbell To Host Game Show ‘Last Fan Standing’

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Nashville Comic Con 2013 - Day 1

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ConTV is an internet channel launching soon that will stream content live from the Comic-Con circuit. (Since the company is owned by Cinedigm and Wizard World, let’s assume the “comic-con circuit” means all the Wizard cons, which does not include the International Comic-Con in San Diego.) They’ll also be streaming genre movies, classic TV shows, and an upcoming original program called Last Fan Standing, a game show for convention attendees that is hosted by Bruce Campbell.

The first episode was taped in New Orleans on January 10th during a convention there. But the idea for the show sprung from a quiz show that was presented during Wizard World Chicago last summer.

“We created Last Fan Standing to celebrate the excitement and the fandom of each audience member, while providing them the chance to compete in a live game show,” said Steve Sellery, CEO of Campbell’s Pop Quiz Entertainment, which is producing the series. (via)

The format of the show is a trivia contest among con-goers. The top four people in the crowd (one is to assume this will happen at Campbell panels, which are excellent and I personally endorse as worth the entire price of admission to a con) will go on to compete for the “last fan standing” title. Every episode will be shot on-location and broadcast later.

ConTV is also producing Fight of the Living Dead, a horror competition show. “Online celebrities” will be competing in that. (Translation: YouTube people you probably don’t know if you’re over the age of 17.) A monthly subscription to stream from them will be $6.99/month. There will also be an ad-free version on their site, which hopefully will be less clunky than it is now. The hope is that eventually the channel will launch on Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, etc.

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