‘Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare’ Is Utterly Insane. Oh, It Also Stars Kevin Spacey.

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05.02.14 19 Comments
call of duty advanced warfare


The last few Call of Duty games have flirted with science fiction and alternate scenarios, but haven’t gone full Halo on us. No more. And they’ve brought Kevin Spacey along for the ride.

Right after the trailer for the Vice documentary dropped, Activision decided to say to hell with it and has unleashed the full trailer for Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Which is narrated by Kevin Spacey, who apparently plays the main bad guy. And it’s nuts.

Drones with cloaking? Check. Exoskeletons that let you leap tall buildings in a single bound? Check. Spider-Man powers? Check. While I suppose that all of these technology qualifies as “realistic” in the sense that it’s actively being developed, most of this stuff is years away from the field. None of this is getting into Spacey, who manages to elevate the ridiculous proceedings while simultaneously making them weirder.

Either this game is going to be a refresh of the series that it needs, or it’s going to see the franchise go leaping across the shark with a powered exoskeleton. This should be interesting; we’ll find out for sure when the game hits in early November.

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