You Can Plug Your PS4, Wii U Or Even Your Xbox One Into Your Xbox One

11.20.13 4 years ago 10 Comments


So, unlike other gaming consoles, the Xbox One comes with an HDMI input — the idea is you’re supposed to hook your DVR into the Xbox One so you can take advantage of the machine’s various TV-watching features, but it turns out the ol’ Xbone isn’t at all picky about what you shove in its ports. Basically any device with an HDMI cable can be plugged into and used through the Xbox One.

This has led to oddities like people browsing the PS4 front-end while using voice-activated Xbox One apps on the same screen, at the same time…

Again, this will work with anything with an HDMI chord, so you can route your Wii U through the Xbox One too. Hmmm, but wait — what if you took the Xbox One’s HDMI cable and plugged it into itself? You can do that too and the results are kind of crazy…

Seconds after that video was taken Kotaku’s Xbox One blew up, levelling a city block. Don’t mess around with infinity guys.

via Eurogamer & Kotaku

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