Captain America Isn’t The Boy Scout You Thought He Was In This Kill Count Supercut

Captain America — he’s the upstanding, square-jawed conscience of the Marvel Universe, but that doesn’t mean the guy doesn’t have his share of blood on his hands. Mr. Sunday Movies did their Movie Kill Count thing with Chris Evans’ version of Cap, and it turns out he’s dealt out a surprising amount of all-American death. I’m sure more is on the way in Captain America: Civil War.

Of course, the guys putting together the video do a fair amount of assuming. There are a lot of “deaths” counted where the bad guy could have maybe, technically survived. I mean, in the real world they’d be dead, but this is a comic-book world, right? Also, come on — robots don’t count.

That said, Cap pulls a lot of the same stunts Batman did in Batman v Superman, but for whatever reason, people seem to be willing to give Cap a pass. Lots of moments where he just unapologetically blows up a vehicle that had to have been filled with victims. I suppose it’s all part of Hollywood’s “if you can’t see their faces, it doesn’t count” rule. Still, I’d love to hear Marvel fanatics defend Cap just straight-up throwing multiple dudes out the bay door of a plane.

Moral: If you act like a nice guy, you can get away with a lot of sh*t unquestioned. Maybe Batman should try smiling more often.

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