Cats, Post-Its, and Links

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Meme Watch: Chinese Government’s Photoshop Disaster [Uproxx]

Frotcast 54: Tarantino, fecal transplants, Lindy’s beef with Thomas Lennon [Filmdrunk]

The world’s first BMX triple backflip explained with SCIENCE [WithLeather]

Dueling Comedy Acts on ‘Conan’ [WarmingGlow]

Have A Seat, Chris Hansen! A Hilarious, Cringe-Worthy Collection Of Hansen’s Most Memorable TCAP Moments [Uproxx]

The Matrix, Ghostbusters, And Big Willie Style Headline The Best YouTube A Capella Multitracks [Uproxx]

Depression Sets In: 5 Songs For The NFL & NBA Lockouts [TSS]

Quentin Tarantino foot sex email girl got fired [Filmdrunk]

The Best Of #Party Down [Uproxx]

Every Michael Bay Movie In Under A Minute [CollegeHumor]

Honest Instructions for 5 Classic Sports Toys [SportsPickle]

25 Cartoon Characters Whose Real Names You Never Knew [Buzzfeed]

Mastodon’s “Deathbound” video is full of awesome puppet violence [AdultSwim]

Man vs. Wild RPG couples well with your favorite frothy beverage [CollegeHumor]

VIDEO BELOW: Post-it cat kicks it into reverse [via Kitten.Cat]

[Inset picture via fyeahdementia]

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