Cats Who Think They Deserve Better (And Afternoon Links)

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ANNOUNCEMENT: We’re Teaming Up With 5-Second Films To Create UPROXX Video |UPROXX|

Here Are 25 More Funny Pop Culture Valentines To Celebrate Singles Awareness Day |UPROXX|

A Mexican dude dressed like Wolverine saved people from a burning tower |Film Drunk|

Kobayashi Ate An Entire Domino’s Pizza In 60 Seconds Because YOLO |With Leather|

10 Of ‘Archer’s’ Most Visually Distinctive Homages To Movies |Warming Glow|

Three 2013 Music Festivals That Don’t Suck Like Coachella |Smoking Section|

LOLNFL: Super Bowl XLVII Stuff |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

Woman of Steel Cosplay |Unreality|

Calvin & Hobbes IRL Wallpapers |High Definite|

The world’s first and only all cross-eyed news team struggles to bring you today’s top stories from their perspective. |Gorilla Mask|

The 30 Weirdest 1-900 Numbers From The ’80s |Buzzfeed|

Winterfell Gets Tiny: The Flea Circus is Coming |Technabob|

6 Crazy Things You Can Make with 3D Printers |Mental Floss|

9 Bumper Stickers for People Who Don’t Suck |College Humor|

Is This The Saddest Reddit Post Of All Time? |HuffPost Comedy|

Let’s Give These 11 Washed-Up Feature Film Actors Their Own Television Series |Pajiba|

This awesome perpetual motion machine may not be perpetual but it’s awesome for sure |Fark|

VIDEO BELOW: All aboard the doggy go round. |via HYST|

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[Pictures via Tastefully Offensive and sameoldslut.]

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