Channing Tatum Would Do Anything To Play Magical Purple Hobo ‘The Maxx’

06.16.14 4 years ago 11 Comments

Sam Kieth

Oh man, The Maxx — nothing about The Maxx ever really made much sense. Not the comics, not the cartoon, not the character himself, but dammit, it’s one of my favorite things from the ’90s. Apparently none other than C-Tates himself agrees. When asked recently what superhero (aside from Gambit) he’d like to play, he gave a rather unexpected answer

“The Maxx is always something that I would LOVE to play The Maxx. Oh my God, I would do anything to play him!”

You heard him ladies (and a decent portion of the guys) — he’d do anything. Start raising your capital for a Maxx movie now.

For the uninitiated, The Maxx, created by Sam Kieth, was a hulking buck-toothed, giant-footed bum who dressed in purple and yellow and obsessively tried to protect a woman named Julie Winters. In the comics he was Julie’s imaginary rabbit friend somehow made real by Australian Aborigine magic, and in the MTV cartoon he was, uh, a gardener or something? I told you this stuff didn’t make much sense.

I’m pretty sure a live action Maxx movie could never, ever work, but if Channing Tatum as a hobo in purple sweatpants and giant foot prosthetics happens, I’ll probably retire to the porch to sip lemonade for the rest of my days, because my life will have peaked.

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