Check Out Nintendo’s Charming Response To An 11-Year-Old’s Pitch For Super Mario Bros. 4

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Back in 1990, an enterprising 11-year-old named Jason Venter wrote up a very thorough design document for a hypothetical Super Mario Bros. 4. The design doc had it all, ideas for enemies…


Jason Venter

Control options…


Jason Venter

And a world map.


Jason Venter

A lot of you probably drew up similar sorts of things as youngsters, but the Jason actually took the extra step and sent his to Nintendo. Now, most companies probably wouldn’t have responded to some kid’s grand Mario 4 plans, or sent them back with a dry form letter, but Nintendo actually sent a charming, encouraging personalized letter in response to Jason’s Mario-inspired whimsy. Here’s the letter…


Jason Venter

Jason Venter never ended up making games, but he does discuss and complain about video games (aka The Lord’s Work) over at HonestGamers.

Now, Nintendo, how about actually getting to work on Mario 4? Or did some kid steal all your ideas?

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