China: No Good At Giant Robots, Even Worse At Lying About Giant Robots

02.01.11 7 years ago 3 Comments

A short while ago, back in December, we reported on a Chinese amusement park that was building a colossal 59-foot Gundam robot statue, as part of an attraction. Then, less than two weeks after they built it, Japanese officials called foul, claiming that the Chinese Gundam robot statue looked an awful lot like their country’s own giant Gundam statue. Quick on their feet, the Chinese park officials had their Gundam robot taken down overnight, so quickly in fact, that they were able to pretend like they never built the giant Gundam feller in the first place.

Well break out the juice boxes and orange slices, it looks like the soccer team has yet another reason to celebrate today. In a completely random turn of events, it looks like officials at the Chinese amusement park have just finished construction on their brand new, 59-foot-tall Gundam robot statue. And would you look at that: it appears to be based on a totally asinine original concept. Jesus, it looks like some kind of giant robotic sex slave, only not nearly as sensual as Heavy Metal told me it would be.

See, here’s the original Chinese Gundam robot statue on the left (yellow), standing in contrast to Japan’s own Gundam statue on the right. Yup, absolutely nothing looks similar here…keep moving along, children.

Aaand here’s China’s brand new robot statue! It looks so…so, um, well designed.


[via CrunchGear]

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