Christmas Cat Extravaganza (And Links)

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Meme Watch: Party Toddler Starts The Holiday Celebration Early |UPROXX|

25 Wikipedia Personal Appeal Juxtapositions That Bring The Lulz |UPROXX|

TC Sings The Bricks V: The Most Disappointing Albums Of 2011 |Smoking Section|

Frotcast 79: Prison Memoirs, Heroin, and Hanukkah Songs With Burnsy |Film Drunk|

Television’s Biggest Douchebags in 2011 |Warming Glow|

Report: Shaq Will Compete At Wrestlemania |With Leather|

The 5 Best TV Mashup Tumblrs Of 2011 |UPROXX|

Darren Rovell Is Still Policing Twitter, Douchebagilly |UPROXX|

5 Features That Will Make Me Buy The iPad 3 |Smoking Section|

You Knew This Was Coming, Kris Humphries |With Leather|

2 Live Crew singer to bone naked zombies in Sundance short |Film Drunk|

Christmas Commercials from the 1950s and ’60s Are the Best |Warming Glow|

The Best TV Lines Of 2011 |Huffpost TV|

109 Cats Celebrating Christmas |Buzzfeed|

If Star Wars Were A Sci-Fi Serial |Unreality|

The Year’s 7 Biggest Disappointments In Television |Pajiba|

The most awesome, and the most awesomely bad, metal album covers of the year |FARK|

FIRST VIDEO BELOW: Fat cat in a Santa suit immediately gives up. |via Buzzfeed|

SECOND VIDEO BELOW: Cat wearing boots with bells refuses to give up. |via HYST|

[Pictures via Buzzfeed, CodyJohnston, and Catasters]

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