Christopher Nolan Finally Opens Up A Bit About ‘Interstellar’

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10.24.14 2 Comments

Interstellar comes out in two weeks, and its director, Christopher Nolan, has done a remarkable job of keeping mum about what it’s all about. But everyone has to open up eventually, and Nolan gets pretty in-depth in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

Some of the more interesting bits from the interview, although the whole thing is a good read:

  • The script was heavily influenced by physicist Kip Thorne, one of the leading thinkers on astrophysics. To the point where Thorne was teaching physics to the cast.
  • Most of the movie is practical effects; Nolan only uses CGI when he has to, but most of the time, the effects are real. That includes the dust clouds you see in the trailers.
  • The robot sidekick they’ve been showing in passing is actually played by Bill Irwin. Theater snobs know him for his adaptations of Molière and his performance as Lucky in “Waiting for Godot”. Most of the rest of the world knows him as Mr. Noodle.
  • They made money on the massive cornfield you see burning in the trailers; according to Nolan, they had to sell it since they didn’t destroy enough of it.

As for how that paid off in the movie itself, we’ll just have to wait until it arrives November 7th, or November 5th if you still have a theater using film in your town. Until then, here’s the latest trailer:

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