Cinema Sins Series Promptly Wears Out Its Welcome By Taking On ‘The Avengers’

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12.19.12 36 Comments

We covered the first video in this series with The Amazing Spider-Man, and previously pointed out that the gag was already teetering on the brink of being unfunny.

Aaaaaaaand here it comes, rocketing right over the edge of being funny and crashing smack into nerd rage territory. Or we would be… if he’d bothered to pay attention to the movie.

Here’s the video:

Here’s the problem: If you want to point out a movie’s flaws, you’d better be damn sure they’re flaws everyone agrees on and that the movie doesn’t address.

And there are points where this video is right: The Avengers does expect you to at the very least have seen Thor and Captain America to get what’s going on, or to fill in little bits of information. It’s not absolutely necessary: you don’t really need to know the Cosmic Cube comes from Asgard to understand that it’s something the guy with the horn helmet probably shouldn’t have. But it is a flaw.

Similarly, it’s reasonable to point out Joss Whedon isn’t shy about using cliches. He uses them well, but they are cliches.

On the other hand, a lot of what he’s complaining about, the script actually bothers to explain. Take his two complaints about the Iron Man/Loki confrontation. It’s made abundantly clear Loki didn’t want to kill Tony Stark, but rather recruit him. And why THAT chokes is literally in the video’s soundtrack even as the narrator is whining about it.

Similarly, the movie bears down, incredibly hard, on the point that Banner has his emotional feces together so that he’s not going to lose it except under very extreme conditions. There’s literally an entire sequence, in the movie, dedicated to just this.

That’s not even getting into the fact that the script has a massive, gaping, enormous plot hole that this video completely misses: The fact that Tony Stark doesn’t put together that, oh yeah, maybe that enormous power source he just fired up might be relevant to the artifact that needs a ridiculous amount of power.

The Avengers, as a movie, is hardly bulletproof, but come on: If you’re going to nitpick, do it right.

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