Condom Applicator Slingshot Gun? Get That Prize Money Ready, Bill Gates.

Bill Gates is offering $100,000 to projects which improve condoms. Affable German slingshot enthusiast Jörg Sprave has thrown his hat into the ring. (By “thrown” we mean he attached it to something pointy and launched it with an improvised weapon.)

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation offers 100,000 USD for projects that improve things around condoms. “Application of knowledge from other fields” is explicitly called for. Bill looks for “attributes that increase ease-of-use” and designs that make it “easier to properly apply” a preservative. Of course The Slingshot Channel HAS to come forth and help the visionary billionaire on his lofty quest. Therefore, this video brings to you the world’s first condom applicator slingshot gun! [The Slingshot Channel]

And who wouldn’t trust their junk to a slingshot made by the same guy known for his machete slingshot, his Gatling gun slingshot, his circular saw blade launcher, his musket ball crossbow, his zombie decapitator, his 6-shot slingshot, his slingshot cannon, his pump-action slingshot crossbow, his One Piece slingshot/spear, his beheader bazooka, and his Oreo separator? In other words, NOPE.

The video is tongue in cheek, of course. And if you’re wondering what the part in German was, he says, “Please don’t shot me with this thing” and his wife says, “Don’t be such a b!tch.” That’s German diplomacy in a nutshell.