The First Episode Of 'COPS: Skyrim' Is Setting A High Bar For The Rest

COPS: Skyrim is a new machinima told from the perspective of those numerous city guards wandering around the province of Skyrim and arresting us for no reason all the time. (All I did was steal a few hundred things and startle a chicken, and I get arrested? Y’all are brutalizing me.) This first episode somehow managed to avoid any mention of having to work as a guard after a knee injury derailed an adventuring career. And yet we still made an arrow-to-the-knee joke in the banner picture. I regret nothing.

The surprisingly well-done parody was written by Jeff Hatz, directed by Bryan Basham, animated by Tyrannicon, and produced by Basham and Nerdist. It’s labelled COPS: Skyrim – Episode 1, and since it’s from Nerdist they’ll probably make good on producing more episodes. Or perhaps they’ll go all George Lucas and start releasing several slightly different versions of the original one.

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