Cosplay Done Right: Portal 2's Wheatley Gets A Puppet Makeover

08.11.11 7 years ago

I must possess this.

Jennifer Sorrel was planning to go to next month’s Dragon*Con in Atlanta dressed as Edward Elric, but then she played Portal 2 and had a new goal: to cosplay as Chell and carry a detailed, talking, moving puppet of Wheatley. But since you can’t buy Wheatley puppets in stores (which is a travesty), she had to build one. She used carved florist’s foam, Wonderflex, Apoxie Sculpt, embroidery hoops, ABS plastic, high build primer, Model Magic acrylic, matte sealer, several electronic components, and a few other bits and bobs. There’s a video of it in action below and a blog of her process here.

It. Is. Amazing. She gave it a moving, light-up eye, moving eyelids and eye plates, and the ability to say 10 phrases from the game with coordinated eye movements. I want one of these for each personality sphere. I would take one on adventures, one to the library, another one to SPAAAACE. This also means it’s only a matter of time before we’ll have a puppet of Stephen Merchant, assuming he is not, in fact, a puppet pretending to be human. I’ll have to ask Karl Pilkington about this.

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