Of Course RoboCop Is Getting A Free-To-Play Mobile Game

RoboCop will be fighting robophobia everywhere this Valentine’s Day. While you struggle with the unfortunate possibilities of that sentence, here’s another unfortunate possibility: We’re getting a free-to-play RoboCop mobile game.

The game is a fairly straightforward third-person shooter: You duck behind cover, pick your targets, and then pump them full of bullets. The game should be out this week, but until then, take aim with the trailer:

OK, so nothing is quite as good as the original RoboCop arcade game, but to be fair, that game was originally developed for home computers and ported over to arcades, so there was a degree of quality control and undeniable style that most arcade games at the time just couldn’t match. But if nothing else, it’s going to be a lot better than the last RoboCop game.