Sony May Be Teasing The Return Of Their Marsupial Mascot, Crash Bandicoot

02.10.16 2 years ago 2 Comments


While they broke up quite a while ago, Sony and Crash Bandicoot used to be quite the dynamic duo. For Americans, Crash was the public face of the original PlayStation, providing some solid platforming romps and thumbing his nose at Nintendo and Sony in a series of memorable ads.

Then the PlayStation 2 arrived, Sony moved on to other things and poor Crash hasn’t quite been the same since. But could a Sony-Crash reunion be in the works? In recent years, Sony has started acknowledging their marsupial-dependent past again, with Crash Easter eggs showing up in trailers and Sony exec Shawn Layden popping up in a Bandicoot-branded shirt at an event. Now we may have another tease.

The above is from Sony’s official Mid-East Twitter feed. The test reads “Most Wanted: Where Are You, Crash?”

Of course, Crash hasn’t actually been gone since the PS One days, the guy’s been in a series of games published by Vivendi Games/Activision. You’ve probably never played most of them, because, well, they weren’t particularly worth playing. Also, if Sony is getting back into the Bandicoot game, it’s very unlikely original Crash developer Naughty Dog would get involved, as they’re focused on critically acclaimed stuff like Uncharted and The Last of Us now.

So, temper your expectations a bit, but still, it would be nice to see Crash return and maybe get a little redemption. What do you folks think? Interested in the return of the bejorted one?

(Via GameZone)

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