David Goyer To Ruin “100 Bullets”?

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06.22.11 5 Comments

We’ve kind of got to wonder why Warner Brothers is keeping its pet comics nerd around at this point. He got thrown off “The Dark Knight”; rumor is his “Superman” script is getting heavily rewritten; and his own film career consists of bombs nobody liked. The guy’s basically been living off of “Blade” for more than ten years now.

Still, he’s getting yet another chance, this time with “100 Bullets.” The good news is that he’s just the executive producer and will write a few scripts, which will leave room for other writers. It’s also going to Showtime, which has some serious franchise envy with HBO, so it might actually last more than a season.

But if there’s some chick who listens to her iPod relentlessly and the best lines go to Ryan Reynolds, I’m out.

[ via the revengers at SlashFilm ]

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