DC Bringing Back "Showcase", Calling It "National Comics"

Remember back in the ’90s, when DC decided to pay tribute to its anthology books by restarting Showcase? No? That’s OK, no one else does, either. But DC’s bringing it back, only they’re calling it “National Comics” this time for some reason.

It’s one of DC’s favorite tactics: roll out an anthology book to test new characters before giving them a series. If this sounds a lot like “DC Comics Presents”, apparently these will be one-shot stories. Also, hopefully, there’s a little more quality control, because that “Challengers of the Unknown” reboot after that great “Deadman” mini was like getting a pneumatic hammer to the crotch after being served a fine meal.

First on the reboot docket? Kid Eternity, as written by Jeff Lemire and drawn by Cully Hamner, and basically it’s the plot of “Pushing Daisies”; a guy can revive the dead, figure out who killed them, and put them to rest. They’ll be followed by Madame X, Looker, and Rose and Thorn.

We’ll be curious to see how the one-and-done nature plays out, and apparently this is going to give more dimension to events in the New 52. We’ll start seeing it in July.

image courtesy DC Comics