DC Doing ANOTHER Superman Origin Story?

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07.20.11 2 Comments

We thought we’d spare you the live-action shot of Superman getting crocked and go for a cartoon, especially since DC has beaten this horse to paste and we don’t want to follow in their footsteps.

But, yes, they’re going in and tweaking Supes. Again. This time for their major relaunch, “everything is totally different”, thing that will be wiped out in three years.

Anyway, the salient points:

  • We’re getting a Superman origin in Action Comics. At least this time it’s slightly different: Ma and Pa Kent are both dead, Superman knows he’s an alien and is having trouble fitting in, and the authorities apparently have some sort of dislike for him.
  • In current continuity, he’s single, having sold his marriage to Satan to save his decrepit old aunt, and Lois is dating somebody else at the Planet. We like how DC is pretending to be all coy about it when the Daily Planet has, like, three staffers, so we’re just going to assume Lois is banging Jimmy.
  • We’re back to the 1938 powerset: Superman can’t really fly yet, for example, in his origin story.
  • For no explicable reason, he’ll be wearing a suit of battle armor. At least George Perez is drawing it.

Any of this make you want more Scotch too?

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