“Deadman” TV Show Really a “Quantum Leap” Remake?

09.01.11 7 years ago 3 Comments

Deadman is one of those DC characters that’s kinda neat to use in a book occasionally, especially when he’s teasing Batman, but can’t really carry his own book. But the CW is losing “Smallville” after a decade, and needs to fill their spandex hole. Wait, that was bad phrasing: they need a new superhero show.

Enter “Deadman”, from Erik Kripke, the creator of “Supernatural”. He body-hops! He solves people’s problems for them! He can see Dean Stockwell where others can’t! OK, we made that last part up, but this series, in the broad strokes, sounds pretty much like “Quantum Leap” only with a dead guy and probably fewer jokes about a dude in drag.

Hey, it’ll still be better than “The Vampire Diaries”.

[ via the naked but not the dead at Deadline ]

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