Ryan Reynolds Will Reveal The ‘Deadpool’ Red Band Trailer On ‘Conan’ This Week

With the promise of some official footage getting a release soon following the leaks from Comic-Con, folks have been clamoring for their first look at Deadpool in action. This week will finally bring that moment as Ryan Reynolds will reveal the red band trailer on Conan this Tuesday. At least that’s what the official Conan site says.

You can assume that it won’t be a true red band on television, despite the presence of many sh*ts and other loose censorship throughout the show these days. You still can’t get away with most of what we got a taste of in the Comic-Con footage.

According to Comics Alliance, the green band trailer is set to premiere alongside Fantastic Four, but the red band should appear on the talk show and then online shortly after. It’s also a bit longer, so that’s a plus too. It’s most likely just the Comic-Con footage, but getting to see it officially will be worth the wait.

(Via Comics Alliance / Conan)