Man Beats ‘Donkey Kong’ World Record, Only To Lose His Crown On The Same Day

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Eight years after the documentary King of Kong took the gaming world by storm in documenting the rivalry between Billy Mitchell and Steve Wiebe while competing for the top spot on Donkey Kong, it looks like Nintendo’s classic game is back in the news again. According to Polygon, the game’s “highly coveted world record high score” was claimed by one lucky gamer on Thursday. This accomplishment lasted for just six hours until another competitor took over the throne.

The competition in question was the Donkey Kong Online Open 2015 — yes, this is a thing — which a gaming tournament put together by At roughly 8:00 p.m., a gamer by the name of Wes Copeland clocked in a score of 1,170,500 which has since been verified by Twin Galaxies, the world record authority in video gaming. I suppose this was the perfect time to victoriously exclaim, “Achievement Unlocked,” as he became the first gamer to ever score 1.1 million in the game on his first man:

“He was able to sacrifice his three extra men on the final barrel screen, essentially making this a near perfect game,” Twin Galaxies noted.

The gauntlet has now been thrown between the two men as it looks like a new Donkey Kong rivalry is captivating Donkey Kong enthusiasts from all over. The two men will meet again for “a series of exclusive battles” at the Twin Galaxies Entertainment Festival in October. Hey documentary filmmakers, I smell a sequel brewing!

(Via Polygon and Twin Galaxies)