Don’t Fear, J.J. Abrams Has The Time To Lord Over Both ‘Stars Wars’ And ‘Star Trek’, Says J.J. Abrams’ Boss

01.28.13 5 years ago 15 Comments

Star Wars, Star Trek — it’s all the same, right? Warp speed, hyperspace, Death Stars, Borg cubes, what’s the f–king difference? Probably not much going forward, because Paramount Vice Chairman Rob Moore has assured the world that J.J. Abrams will, in addition to directing Star Wars: Episode VII, also continue to control all things Star Trek going forward.

Sigh. I could rant on about how Star Trek and Star Wars are actually pretty different things, with unique ethos and fandoms and whatnot, but whatever — when Hollywood execs think “sci-fi” now they just think “oh, that stuff J.J. Abrams does.”

So yeah, now that Star Trek and Star Wars are basically the same thing, how about throwing us nerds a bone J.J.? How about a Star Trek/Star Wars crossover? Just saying, I have some pretty sweet ideas for a Millennium Falcon/Defiant from DS9 space battle.

via Hero Complex

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