‘Doom’ Is Coming Back And It’s Again Time To Fight The Denizens Of Hell – Here’s What You Need To Know

It’s been almost twelve years since Doom 3 freaked out gamers everywhere and made flashlight technology the coolest thing in gaming. Twelve very long years. It was never supposed to be this long between Doom games, with Doom 4, the game we now call “Doom,” ironically being stuck in developmental hell since 2008. As the years went by, ID’s always-impressive tech was rebuilt from the ground up post-Rage, and now we’re back behind the helmet of a space marine, ready to splatter demons all over our armor.

Doom certainly looks like it harkens back to the original days of the shooter, with fast gameplay and an utter lack of the corridor creeping that made Doom 3 a hit. Doom looks and plays like a blazing fast arena shooter of yesteryear mixed with some interesting innovations in the multiplayer suite. Now, you can become one of a variety of huge demons, while the marines do their thing and blast away around you. If you’re familiar with how the heroes work in Star Wars: Battlefront you’ll get how the demons work in Doom.

And of course there will be a gorgeous single player campaign, with blood and chunks of demon flying everywhere, but according to reports, the PC version is far superior than consoles, which has been an issue ID has dealt with here and there for years.

On May 13th, Doom will be hitting consoles, and with the plethora of cover-based, tactical shooters on the market – it could be the fast-paced, gory shooter some players need in their lives.