Legendary Game Designer John Romero Releases His First ‘Doom’ Level in 21 Years

Doom, the first-person shooter that started it all, is set for a big comeback in 2016. This year will mark the release of an all-new, gloriously gory Doom and to get gamers warmed up for the impeding carnage, John Romero has unexpectedly released a new classic-style Doom level.

Romero was, of course, the main designer for the original Doom, but he hasn’t made a Doom level since 1995’s Master Levels for Doom II expansion pack. The new level is a re-interpretation of Phobos Anomaly, the final stage in the original freeware version of Doom. Phobos Anomaly was one of the few stages in the original Doom not designed by Romero, so I guess he decided it was about time he went back and did things right.

If you want to play the level, you can download it via the link in the following tweet

For those shy about handling .WADs, the easiest way to play the new Romero level is to download Doom Legacy, a source port of Doom that will work on pretty much any computer or operating system. From there, you should be able to load the level and start reducing demons to chunky marinara sauce without any issues.

(via Kotaku)