Draw 2d2’s Harry Potter and Doctor Who Mash-Ups

07.14.11 8 years ago

Meet Professor Dalek by Andy Hunter

I’ve often wondered if the recent success of Doctor Who in America was in part a result of the Harry Potter phenomena. The first episode of this past season set a ratings record for BBC America with 1.2 million viewers, surely it couldn’t have hurt that there are tens of millions of Americans primed by Harry Potter to love wand-wielding, good looking young British chaps falling into adventures. In any case, if you a fan of the good Doctor and the boy who lived you’re going to love what Draw2d2 has done.

Draw2d2 is a collection of artists who pick two geeky pop culture references and mash them together in two weeks then post the drawings to let readers vote on who did the best. Some past hits include Star Wars/Batman, Pokemon/Dr. Seuss and The Avengers/The Office.

Check out our favorites of Harry Potter and Doctor Who or you can check out more mash-ups at Draw2d2.

Harry Potter/Dr. Who By Justin Hansen

Snapes Mirror of Erised by Alex Ryan

Time Lords and Prophecies by Joseph Marsella


Daily Prophet By Jason Welborn

Harry Potter/Dr. Who by Ian Brauner

Check out more mash-ups at Draw2d2.

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