Dude Goes All Out Tron With His Segway, Glowing Blue Lights Ensue

01.13.11 7 years ago

Surviving within the Tron film’s gaming grid already seems hard enough to do, even with the help of rape deterrent mace Light Cycles and Light Jets, so hats off to anyone who wants to pursue that frontier on their Segway i2 Personal Transporter. Yes, you heard correct, a Segway i2 Personal Transporter.

By now we’ve all experienced Tron-inspired motorcycles and even hardcore pornography, but leave it to Inside the Magic’s Ricky Brigante to apply that concept to something much slower and less naked. Using just $15 and roughly four hours of his lifespan, Brigante was able to transform his regular Segway i2 into something that even Flynn himself would pop an erection over.

For something so flashy, Brigante’s method was relatively easy and low-tech. Using only white 2-inch reflective tape, a strand of blue LED Christmas lights and some electrical tape, Brigante took the plain black matte finish of his Segway and artfully applied the design using a mock-up model he made in Photoshop as a guide. [Wired]

Easy punch lines aside, salute to Ricky Brigante for coming up with a basic idea and actually applying it within a few short hours of the concept. These days, I can’t even get my f**king knight dressed on Fable III in four hours, let alone turn a regular Segway i2 into…um, a regular Segway i2 covered in tape and blue lights! Suck it gaudiness!

Images on the next page, along with video of the blue cruiser in action.

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