Early Panels: Three Comics To Look Forward To Tomorrow

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11.13.12 8 Comments

Wondering what to pick up at the comics shop tomorrow? Here are a few we’re looking forward to.

Mind MGMT #0

Matt Kindt’s bizarre (and hilarious) series gets an “origins” issue. For those unfamiliar, the crux of the book is that there’s a secret government agency of psychic spies. The results are amusing, creepy, and off-kilter, especially since Kindt riffs on what often were actual ridiculous government projects.

Normally we’d dimiss this as a cheap gimmick, but Kindt is not the kind of writer who spins out a zero issue for cash, and Dark Horse isn’t the kind of publisher who goes for gimmicks. It’ll be interesting to see how it fits into the larger series.

Locke And Key: Omega #1

Several of you were wondering just where the next Locke And Key miniseries was for October. Apparently it was delayed until November. Joe Hill has been doing some of the best horror comics on the stands, which isn’t a surprise if you’ve read some of his other work, but pleasing nonetheless.

Where Is Jake Ellis #1

If you haven’t read Who is Jake Ellis?, essentially, it’s a spy story about a man only Jon Moore can see. Needless to say, he’s Jake Ellis. And it gets a bit… twisty from there. Nathan Edmondson and Tonci Zonjic will be picking up with this second series right where the first left off, and if they can keep up the style and energy that won them an Eisner, this will be yet another great mini from Image.

Let us know what book you’re looking forward to tomorrow in the comments, and we’ll talk some comics.

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