Early Panels: Three Comics We’re Looking Forward To Tomorrow

12.11.12 6 years ago 17 Comments

Here are three comics coming out tomorrow that look particularly interesting, ranging from a dark noir to Lance Henriksen’s horror comic, to The Crow skinning Nazis.

The Creep #4

John Arcudi’s noir miniseries started out pretty good but has rapidly become one of the best noirs in comics.  Arcudi’s Oxel is an inarticulate, emotionally damaged guy just trying to do the right thing, and stumbling into something far more horrific than he ever thought possible.  Arcudi has done a superb job keeping the series grounded and realistic, and Jonathan Case’s art manages to capture the mundanity of much of what Oxel runs into, while emphasizing the horror that much more.  It’s worth picking up the whole run; it really is that good.






To Hell You Ride #1

Let’s see here… it’s a comic co-written by Lance Henriksen, about an ancient Indian curse that literally melts the flesh off of its victims. And said flesh-melting is being drawn by Tom Mandrake, one of the single best horror comics artists currently working. Yeah, this is worth three bucks, just for the whole “melting flesh” thing.







The Crow: Skinning The Wolves #1

We’ve talked about this one previously, and we’ll be genuinely curious to see how O’Barr incorporates his revenge fantasy character into one of human history’s darkest moments.

Plus, it’s the Crow killing Nazis, and who doesn’t love a little good old-fashioned Nazi killing?

Here’s the full list: Let us know what’s the one comic you’re looking forward to tomorrow in the comments.

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