Eliza Dushku Cast In Kinda Animated Torchwood Spin-Off

06.03.11 7 years ago 2 Comments

If you’ve been thinking “Hey, I really wish I could get more Torchwood, but also watch Eliza Dushku play the same character she always plays,” then you’re really in luck. Dushku’s been hired to play a character in a new animated Torchwood spin-off that’ll air during the new series Torchwood: Miracle Day. And by “animated”, we mean “not really animated at all.”

As Entertainment Weekly reports:

Dushku has signed to star in an online animated “motion comic” series based on Starz upcoming  Torchwood: Miracle Day. Titled Torchwood: Web of Lies, Dushku will be front and center in the short-form story, which will also have voice appearances by Torchwood stars John Barrowman as Capt. Jack Harkness and Eve Myles as Gwen Cooper. Jane Espenson, who has worked on Dollhouse, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Battlestar Galactica and Torchwood, is penning the series along with co-writer Ryan Scott.

While that all sounds wonderful (and any excuse to get more Torchwood is fine by us), don’t forget this is a “motion comic,” so don’t start expecting to see some amazing animation. Instead, you’ll get some barely moving clip art floating around the screen like spastic cut-out dolls. Also, it’ll look so bad you’ll wonder why anyone even bothered. If you need proof, here’s the trailer for Starz’s last “motion comic” for Spartacus:

Now, we know that even Flash animation can be pricey, let alone ridiculously expensive traditional animation, but you’d think the BBC and Starz could pony up a bit more money for the project. After all, if they’re going to spend the money to get the original actors, they might as well make something fans will actually want to watch twice.

[Entertainment Weekly via Blastr]

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