‘Ender’s Game’ Has A Final, Spoiler-Heavy, Trailer

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08.07.13 11 Comments

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Ender’s Game has mostly been in the news for the book’s original author being amusingly passive-aggressive over his opinions on gay people. But it is also a movie, and as such, it has trailers! Trailers that make you say, “Well, so much for keeping that plot twist a secret!”

It’s not as spoilery as, say, your average horror movie trailer, but if you haven’t read the book, the final twist of the movie is not going to be hard to guess after seeing the final trailer:

To be honest, this trailer doesn’t exactly fill me with hope for the movie itself. It was one thing when Harrison Ford seemed overly stiff and formal, because let’s face it, for the last decade or so, Ford doesn’t seem to particularly enjoy his work, with the exception of Indiana Jones. But here, it’s like Ford’s IDGAF infection spread to the rest of the cast. What, was he also the acting coach?

That said, it does look like the battle scenes have promise, and the design of the alien foes actually looks pretty neat; it’s a nice mix of organic and inorganic that feels like something we haven’t seen on movie screens before.

So, we’re torn. We’ll see what happens November 1st.

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