Even "Firefly" Is Getting a Mockbuster?

08.09.11 7 years ago 2 Comments

We don’t want to disparage Rick McLeod’s efforts out of hand, but come on, look at that poster and then tell us this didn’t start life as a “Firefly” fan film that somehow actually got a budget behind it.

Mostly we’re curious because this movie is costing $1 million, and it seems to be an old-fashioned models-and-makeup type science fiction movie. Only with “23rd century space pirates”. Who, for some reason, dress like cowboys. We’re just saying, there’s possibly a lawsuit coming down the pike.

We’re drawing your attention to this just so that you don’t hear about another “Firefly” movie and think Universal has realized how badly it screwed up the release of the first film and will actually cough up a self-contained sequel instead of the first season finale that was the first movie. It’s just this movie. But, hey, this movie could be a lot of fun, either in its surprising quality or in its sheer campiness.

[ via the River rats at The Mary Sue ]

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