Everything ‘Wrong’ With ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ In One Nitpicky Video

When it comes to movies, you can have a spirit of generosity that accepts there are acceptable breaks from reality and little items that filmmakers can sneak in underneath the veil of suspension of disbelief.

Or you can be a nitpicky snarker. Guess which route the video we’re about to show you takes!

I was waiting for “Does not feature a Steve Ditko cameo”, but apparently there are standards too high even for the fussiest of nerds.

If there’s a problem with this video, it’s that it just lumps everything together under “cinematic sins”, as if continuity errors, inelegant screenwriting, unfortunate implications, cliches, and stuff that really you should not be whining about in a movie that’s about a teenager who swings from skyscrapers are the same thing.

I mean, seriously, the guy with the lightning reflexes and Spider-sense? I believe he can catch a can of liquid nitrogen. Now, storing a highly dangerous chemical on a rooftop

Joking aside, as funny as this video is, it is worth noting that trying to elevate continuity errors and matters of taste to the level of gross offenses against art is a bit excessive, not to mention unfair to the artist.

We bring this up because the next video in the series will be The Avengers. You’ve been warned!