GammaSquad DLC Report: ‘Fallout 4: Automatron’ Is A Fun, But Ultimately Minor Tune-Up

Welcome to the first edition of the GammaSquad DLC Report, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. When a major DLC add-on is released for a game, we’ll break down what it includes, if it’s fun and whether it changes the opinion we rendered in our original review of the game.

And for inaugural DLC Report, we have Automatron, the Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em robot-focused first add-on for Fallout 4. Is Automatron a piece of finely-crafted DLC or is a trip to the mechanic in order? Let’s find out…

Fallout 4: Automatron (PC, Xbox One & PS4)

What You Get

A new storyline consisting of three main quests and a sidequest, which will take you three to four hours to complete, the ability to craft your own, unique robo companions and a handful of new weapons and robot-themed pieces of armor.

What You’ll Pay

$10 if you buy Automatron individually, or $50 is you buy the Fallout 4 season pass.

Is Fallout 4: Automatron Fun?

A mysterious force known as The Mechanist has decided to add killer robots to the wide array of deadly sh*t roaming The Commonwealth, and oddly, these robots seem to be targeting other metallic folk. Automatron’s storyline kicks off when you come to the aid of a caravan of intelligent bots under attack by The Mechanist’s forces, and save a robot named Ada, who then enlists your aid in tracking down and defeating The Mechanist. From there, the missions that follow are fairly standard-issue Fallout 4 stuff – collect a handful of MacGuffins, delve into various ruined factories and warehouses, you know the drill. The new mechanized enemies freshen things up a bit, but honestly, they’re not terribly unique. They mostly just run at you shooting wildly like everything else in the game. Also, if you’re like me and play Automatron after already finishing Fallout 4‘s main storyline, you probably won’t find the add-on terribly challenging.