Everything ‘Fallout 4’ Fans Need To Know About The First Three DLC Expansions

Fallout 4 is a very, very big game, and dammit, it’s about to get even bigger. Today, Bethesda announced three new DLC expansions for the game, all of which add interesting new twists to the Fallout 4 experience.

The first add-on, entitled Automatron, arrives next month. In this expansion, a mysterious force known as the Mechanist begins flooding the Commonwealth with new robotic enemies. Kill these enemies and salvage their parts, and you can craft your own custom robot companion. Hmm, I wonder if you’ll also be able to have a romantic relationship with your new robot buddy? I’m, uh, just asking for a friend. Automatron will cost $10.

Next up, we have Wasteland Workshop, which, as you might have guessed given the name, expands your workshop options. You can even build traps for enemies, which you can then train to do your bidding. Wasteland Workshop arrives in April at a price of $5.

Finally, we have the big one, Far Harbor. This is a full storyline expansion, which sees you searching for a missing woman with everybody’s favorite robo-detective, Nick Valentine. This search leads you to the mysterious Far Harbor, an island populated mostly by refugee synths. Far Harbor is its own complex world, with its own sidequests and dungeons separate from the main mystery you visit the island to solve. Far Harbor sails into port in May, at a price of $25.

And that’s not all! Bethesda is promising more add-on DLC throughout 2016. With more DLC coming than originally planned, Bethesda is upping the price of the Fallout 4 season pass to $50, although until March 1 you can buy it at its original $30 price and still get all the content. For once, the early adopter doesn’t get screwed. If you’d like to play these expansions early, Bethesda is running betas, which you can sign up for here.

So, what do you think of the DLC plans? I’ll admit, I’m pretty excited – the workshop and Nick Valentine’s quests were two of my favorite parts of Fallout 4, so these add-ons are right up my post-apocalyptic alley.