Bethesda Teases A ‘Fallout 4’ Secret That Nobody Can Seem To Find

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Fallout 4

We all know Fallout 4 is a huge game. If Donald Trump was assessing it, he’d say it’s “yuge, very great.” So there’s that. And since it’s been out for a few months already, everything that could be found, has been found, right? There’s already someone out there that beat the game in its entirety without killing anyone, and there’s a plethora of videos showing every nook and cranny of post-apocalyptic Boston. What else could there be?

Fallout 4‘s director, Todd Howard, cryptically told comedian Pete Holmes that there was definitely some interesting Easter eggs out there:

“There’s a couple of things, but I don’t want to say em. [Players] eventually will find them. There’s one really good one that no one’s really talked about…it’s in a terminal somewhere.”

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