Bethesda Teases A ‘Fallout 4’ Secret That Nobody Can Seem To Find

Fallout 4

We all know Fallout 4 is a huge game. If Donald Trump was assessing it, he’d say it’s “yuge, very great.” So there’s that. And since it’s been out for a few months already, everything that could be found, has been found, right? There’s already someone out there that beat the game in its entirety without killing anyone, and there’s a plethora of videos showing every nook and cranny of post-apocalyptic Boston. What else could there be?

Fallout 4‘s director, Todd Howard, cryptically told comedian Pete Holmes that there was definitely some interesting Easter eggs out there:

“There’s a couple of things, but I don’t want to say em. [Players] eventually will find them. There’s one really good one that no one’s really talked about…it’s in a terminal somewhere.”

If it’s in a terminal, is the “secret” a bit of text, or does the terminal open something or release something that players haven’t seen before? Or is Todd Howard simply lying? Many players still haven’t decoded the mystery behind various interactive buoy bells, if there’s a mystery at all. And a player has already adventured under the water of Boston to find anything hiding deep below the surface. So perhaps Howard is blowing smoke, even though being disingenuous with players and fans is no way to make more of them. Regardless, Reddit is having none of it.


Is this classic Todd? He doesn’t necessarily have a history of blatantly misleading players. And so much is hidden in Elder Scrolls/Fallout games that the reality is that the secret(s) may have already been found without anyone making a big ado about them. Gaming in 2016 – if it hasn’t been uploaded online with a feverish hullabaloo, it didn’t happen?

Or, it will be a few years before we even find what he’s talking about. People are still finding hidden areas in Skyrim.

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(Via Kotaku)

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