Check Out A Clip, Featurette And Five TV Spots In A ‘Fantastic Four’ Footage Blowout

The latest Fantastic Four flick finally arrives this week, and Fox released all the videos ever over the weekend to pique your hype levels. In the first clip from the movie, which you can check out above, we see Reed Richards, Ben Grimm, Johnny Storm, and the soon-to-be Doctor Doom suiting up for a trip to another dimension. Not sure where the heck Sue Storm is during this scene, but she must get involved. I mean, she has to get her powers somewhere, right?

Next up, we have a featurette on Reed Richards’ background and childhood. Sadly, he doesn’t have gray temples as a kid…

Finally, we have a whopping five new TV spots for you. There’s a pretty good amount of new footage in these ads, so they’re worth checking out.

I have to say, I’m enjoying the somewhat more lighthearted tone in these videos. Until now, the trailers for Fantastic Four have been a little too dark and serious for my taste. At it’s best, Fantastic Four has always been about light adventure and positivity. What do you folks think? Does this movie have a hope, or does the Fantastic Four curse continue?