‘Far Cry 4’ Gets Weird With Its ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Style Live-Action Trailers

If you were a gamer in the ’90s, you might remember that, for a while, everybody thought the future of gaming was in “full motion video” shot from the first person perspective. And it’s an era that Ubisoft apparently misses, as their live-action trailers for Far Cry 4 will be choose-your-own-adventure style trailers shot in the first person.

To be fair, the ideas are pretty interesting. For example, in one of the trailers you’ll be mostly blindfolded, using your hearing to decide where to go next. Which is a weird idea but definitely an intriguing one. On the other hand, they also have one where you experience a drug trip in the first person which… probably they should stick to CGI on that.

Also, you will apparently get decked with various objects a lot, according to this trailer for the trailer. There’s a moment where a dude knocks you out with a rack of ribs. We don’t see what happens next, but we assume there’s a pun-filled one-liner. You always need a good pun after beating somebody up with an unconventional weapon.