‘Far Cry 4’ Pirates Accidentally Out Themselves On Twitter

There’s a section of the gaming populace that has a weird form of entitlement; they expect the game to ship complete, and for them to be able to steal it. And when the game they stole lacks features they want, they go complain to the people they stole from. Who, in the case of Ubisoft, shut them down hilariously.

You might have read online that Far Cry 4 has no FOV slider on the PC. That’s kind of a big deal as being able to adjust the field of view can really help PC players get the most out of the game. So, why did Ubisoft leave this out?

As you can see, they didn’t, as VG 24/7 notes. It’s part of the Day One patch. Now, granted we can talk about the annoyances and virtues of Day One patches all day long, and they are pretty annoying. But since pirates haven’t registered the game and aren’t communicating with Ubisoft, they’re not getting any patches and updates… and if they want the patch, they’ll have to shell out for the game.

So, let’s see… there has to be something that communicates our feelings about thieves being outed… something that conveys exactly what happens when entitlement blows up in your face… hmmm… Eureka!