Fffffffar out, Cat Mario

Syobon action is a free Japanese video game known for looking like Super Mario Bros. while being insanely difficult and teaching players to trust nothing and hate pedobear. The game is also known as Cat Mario, Neko Mario, and dongs.exe, the last of which being the one I’m most familiar with, both in reference to this game and my weekend plans. Kotaku clued us in to an awesome bro nicknamed Chonny (Australian for “Wayne”?), who taped himself raging at the screen while trying to figure out this game which was recommended to him by an obvious sadist.

All three videos are below, but, if you only have time to watch one, I recommend the second one. There’s something especially funny about that level and watching Chonny learn what the different mushrooms do while calling everything “bro” and trying not to scream obscenities in his Aussie accent. Fffffffar out, bro.