Finally, A Camera We Can Fire Out of…a Flaregun?

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Yes, I have an affection for old FPSes. Especially ones where you can set cultists on fire.

Anyway, two inventors from New Jersey have come up with a cheap, fairly reliable camera you can fire through the air. If this sounds familiar, it’s because the Israeli military has single-use “kamikaze” drones they fire out of grenade launchers. But grenade launchers aren’t exactly standard issue for police officers and firemen (yet, anyway), so they needed something else. Enter the flare gun.

They’re still working on the design: the first test didn’t have enough gunpowder and only flew about thirty feet. But they’re hoping to get this on the market soon, as it’s highly useful for rescue personnel and police to get a sense of what’s over that next wall. Also they want to shoot somebody in the face with it and upload the video to YouTube.

[ via the fireflies at PopSci ]

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