Five Games: ‘Star Wars Battlefront’ And Everything Else You Need To Play This Week

11.16.15 2 years ago


PCs, handhelds, mobile, console, indies, triple A, free-to-play — the gaming scene gets more diverse and difficult to follow by the day, but thankfully I’m here every week to guide you through what’s happening with games.

As always, I’ll rattle off five games I think you might want to check out this week. Keep in mind, these articles aren’t meant to be comprehensive lists of everything coming out that week so much as a nice rounded tasting menu. So, here are the games you need to know about this week…

This Week’s Mario Sports Game

Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash (Wii U, Nov. 20)

Mario has tried his hand at a lot of sports, but in my opinion tennis has always been his best game. Well, Mario and pals are hitting the court again in Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash, and things look as solid as ever. This time around you can grab a Mega Mushroom to transform into a smash shot-blasting giant, and compete against other players online.

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