Five Reasons The New "Family Guy" Video Game Is a Bad Idea

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05.07.12 14 Comments
So, because apparently Fox just will not kill a franchise zombie no matter how far off the path it lumbers, “Family Guy” will never go off the air.

And, since it’s a TV show with a fan base that owns video game systems, a “Family Guy” video game is on the way from Activision. No, not the one billing itself as “The First MMLOL”. A game for consoles being developed by Activision.

It’ll be based on the “multiverse” episode, and feature Stewie and Brian hopping between different realities as they try to find their way home. And it’s probably going to have all the joy and fun of getting booted in the crotch.


#5) It’s Hard to Be Funny In a Video Game In The First Place

This isn’t to say video games can’t be funny, or possessed with humor, just that comedy is reliant on timing, and in a video game, you don’t have complete control over the timing. Depending on the genre, it’s easy to get around this: witness any LucasArts adventure game, for example. But “interactive” comedy is a very different beast from television comedy, and getting that to work might be harder than those involve realize.

For example, try to find and play the “Futurama” game. It’s so painful, the series has never bothered to try and salvage the “lost episode” made from the cutscenes in the game into the actual series.

#4) It’s Hard to Be Family Guy’s Brand of Funny In a Video Game

There’s something about pop culture references in video games passing for humor that’s somehow more annoying than other mediums, even if you hate pop culture references as alleged humor. Just ask anybody who played the “Gex” games. Part of this is that games are on such a long timeline any pop culture reference is usually past its sell-by date once it hits shelves, although the Family Guy game can mitigate that at least because, really, it’ll refer to anything. Seriously. They made a Fred Allen joke once.

Futhermore, what are they going to do to properly reflect the show? Have random cutaways in the middle of gameplay? That won’t get old fast.

#3) Everybody On The Show Obviously Hates It At This Point

I might as well put my cards on the table and say that I’ve never liked “Family Guy”. My fiancee, however, does, so I’ve watched quite a few episodes with her and frankly, you watch an early episode and compare it to a later one, and it’s pretty obvious the writing staff just wants to see how little work they can do and still collect a check. There are moments where they’re blatantly contemptuous of the audience, especially in later seasons.

Presumably they’re involved…but…well, if they hate the show, is that a good thing?

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