Flamethrower Trombone? Flamethrower Trombone

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06.06.11 3 Comments

Last August we linked to this flamethrower trombone by Jonathan Crawford.  Scott from YouTube (you know, Scott.  From the YouTubes) was inspired by Crawford’s video to build an even crazier flamethrower trombone called the Frankenhorn Flamethrower Trombone (aka Scott ‘s Flamebone).  It can shoot a fireball 21 feet and has a concussion wave of 150 feet.  It can still be played, although that’s difficult because it has a recoil. It took them about two weeks to build using plumbing, torch, and compressed air parts as well as a trombone which now has all pieces soldered together for safety.  Speaking of safety, they give some rules for building this:

  1. You need to know how to sweat copper piping (very good!!)
  2. You MUST MUST mechanically fit and sweat (solder) all pieces together. This will prevent a catastrophic failure of any joint. Which would cause the player to become engulfed in a gas cloud and then fireball.
  3. You can not use any rubber or plastic pieces. The gas system get too cold, and those pieces will become brittle and break. We all know what happen to the space shuttle with cold rubber O-rings. It was not the heat we had to worry about but the extreme cold (remember the your high school physics and the gas pressure, volume and temperature relation PV=nRT)
  4. Remember this horn should be treated like a gun and all gun safety rules apply!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nineteen exclamation points is how you know they mean business.  Important trombone business.

[Seventy-Six hat tips to TheAwesomer.]

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