Fox Affiliate Discovers New 52, Freaks Out

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01.20.12 10 Comments

If there’s one thing we nerds can rely on, it’s a Fox News affiliate getting nerd culture horribly, awfully wrong. Whether they’re insisting pedophiles will molest your children with a DS by somehow reaching through the screen and giving them the bad touch, or just ruining some self-help author’s career, we can always count on the News Corporation to completely blow a fuse over media it doesn’t own.

And now, well after the relaunch happened, somehow a Washington D.C. Fox affiliate has discovered comic books are now not necessarily just for small children.

You know, “The Dark Knight” dealt with 9/11. “Watchmen” wasn’t a huge hit, but it got seen by a lot of people. None of the Marvel movies are exactly kiddie fare, although you can take an older kid to see them. You’d think media professionals would not react like comics are exclusively for five-year-olds.

You’d be wrong. The whole, hilarious mess, complete with art errors and deceptive editing, under the jump.

Relaunched Comics Using Sex and Violence To Sell:

[ thanks to Comics Alliance for digging this up ]

image courtesy Warner Brothers Home Video

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