Frank Miller Directed A Sin City Softcore Short… Wait, This Is An Actual Ad?!

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02.15.13 8 Comments

Frank Miller used to be one of the most respected names in comics. That’s kind of taken a slide over the last ten years or so, and apparently he’s been reduced to directing Skinemax-style short fi… wait, this is a perfume ad? Somebody actually paid for this?!

Here’s Miller’s latest ad, for Gucci Guilty Black. If you’re pressed for time, it’s basically Captain America having sex with Evan Rachel Wood. In fact, we’re pretty sure that was Miller’s ad pitch:

It’s a variation of a theme, considering this is actually the second Gucci ad Frank directed, which is also about Captain America having sex with Evan Rachel Wood, but with more tire fires:

Amazingly, this is actually not creepy in the sense that there’s only about a six-year difference in age between the two of them. That said, it’s a little hard not to wonder if Chris Evans is standing in for a certain Mr. Frank Miller.

Still, it is kind of depressing that Miller has gone from respected comics professional to… well, actually, Gucci probably wrote him a fat check to make these two ad spots, so it’s hard to blame the guy for going after the money, we guess, especially since after The Spirit bombed. That said, we’re kind of hoping this doesn’t reflect the creative direction of the Sin City franchise.

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