Castlevania In Minecraft Rocks Our Blocks Off

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Nick “Nario” Hagman painstakingly recreated the first Castlevania game for NES in Minecraft, using only one mod (a custom texture pack).

The whole process took over 100 hours of build time in the course of 37 straight days. The re-creation includes every single platform, candle, and sub-weapon from the original NES game. What’s even more incredible is that Nick laid out all the background layers by hand–including Dracula’s castle looming off in the distance. The only thing that’s missing are the bats that always seem to bump into you while you’re in mid-jump. [PCWorld]

I hated those bats so much. You hear that, LEGO bat in the banner picture? I hate you. I hate you so much, you flapping wee nocturnal bastard. Roll in Geomyces destructans fungus and die screeching.

Er, anyway, Hagman’s Castlevania map is available for free download here, and he’s also giving away his texture pack and Simon Belmont skin. A video of his game is below. Since Minecraft lacks creature generation tools, Hagman included some bosses in the form of blocks you have to slash with Simon’s trusty whip. I’ve always heard that when a block boss comes along, you must whip it.

[Image credit: skinny coder]

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