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100 Of The Most Ridiculous Yahoo! Answers Posts [Uproxx]

Who’s the Dim Bulb In South Carolina? [UproxxNews]

Erection, Your Onion! A Guide to Grotesco’s Swedish Gibberish Parodies [Filmdrunk]

The saddest place on Earth [WarmingGlow]

A guide to recognizing your mascots: New York-Penn League [WithLeather]

Revamp & Release: 7 Potentially Great Black Keys Remixes [TSS]

Volume-Control Dog [Buzzfeed]

Hidden Secrets Of Album Covers [UGO]

25 Police Officer Fails [ForkParty]

Rob Lowe: ‘Tom Cruise is a Robot’ [TheSuperficial]

Five Minutes to Kill (Yourself) for iPhone [AdultSwim]

Christina Aguilera has “intimate” pictures for sale [WWTDD]

How Maurice Sendak Almost Illustrated ‘The Hobbit’ [Moviefone]

Willie Nelson Asked to Sing to Get Marijuana Charges Dropped [Brobible]

Microsoft Is Looking For Testers For The Xbox 360’s New Disc Format [G4TV]

“The Internet: Being Creepy Since 1992” Coincidentally (or not), I started using the internet in ’92, and, yeah, it was creepy then, too. [EgoTV]

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